The Patrick Madrid Show: November 21, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Dan in Temecula, CA – My nephew is in ROTC asked, and he asked me “Is war a sin?”. What should I say?
  • Meredith in La Mirada CA – I go to a Protestant school. Do I have a responsibility to defend my faith there? Also, who does a better job w/ poor – Church or govt.?
  • Fr. Keyes in CA – comment: Christians have power over evil.
  • Gilbert in Bakersfield, CA – I was able to watch the Mass of the Americas: why did the priests reach out and grab the Eucharist instead of letting the Bishops give it to them?
  • Tess in Monterey, CA – should I let my son go to this Protestant Bible study?
  • Isabelle in Minneapolis, MN – is it okay to have my sister and her BF over (they live together and have a kid)
  • Wayne in Crystal, MN –  What did Jesus mean when he said ‘my words will not pass away’?
  • Steven in Los Angeles wants advice on how to help his Grandma get to Heaven.
  • Ellen in PA – how do I tell my nephew we aren’t going to his wedding? It’s in a brewery.