The Patrick Madrid Show: November 22, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Rolando in IL shares his testimony and thanks Patrick and Relevant Radio for changing his life
  • Caller: Martha in PA was shocked when she learned from her friend that she was discriminated against at her job application in this country for being an Irish Catholic
  • Caller: Joseph in AZ asks if the claim is true: “Once saved always saved”
    Caller: Lauretta in ME is concerned because she’s asked her daughter if she’s learned about WWII in school yet and she hasn’t
  • Caller: Sam in GA is not Catholic but is interested. He shares a similar experience he had to Patrick’s son that was spooky
  • Patrick shares the story of a holy water font at Belmont Abbey that once was a stone used to sell people into slavery during the Civil War
  • Caller: Therese in CA has a daughter who is living a homosexual lifestyle and it has made her other daughter doubt the faith. What should she do?

*This encore originally aired on 8/27/19 during hour 2