The Patrick Madrid Show: November 22, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Louie asks what Scripture is referring to where it says, “Jesus’ half brother.” Patrick explains there was another Mary who was a relative of the Blessed Mother
  • Caller: Karen in NJ was listening to Morning Air and asks a follow up question to a caller who discussed her farm. Is it okay for a Catholic to sell sheep to a Muslim, knowing they will make a ritual sacrifice of it?
  • Caller: Mike in CA asks for clarification on the Holy Trinity
  • Caller: Mary in CA asks for advice on how to deal with her husband who is a narcissist and always blames her for everything, swears at her in public, etc.
  • Caller: Alejandra in CA has anxiety and was advised to try meditating on Scripture and let it speak to her. Is that okay or is that considered independently interpreting the Bible?

*This encore originally aired on 8/27/19 during hour 3