The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Stephanie in CA asks why Jesus only gave Himself 3 years for His ministry, if he started preaching at 30 and died at 33…why not start earlier?
  • Caller: John in CA asks at what point is someone who criticizes the pope not in union with the Church
  • Caller: Ivan in CA asks about having sex with his girlfriend
  • Caller: Julie in CA asks why we are called “Roman” Catholics
  • Caller: Maria in TX asks if Patrick has heard of Maria Sina who has YouTube videos and claims to have souls from Purgatory appear to her
  • Caller: Jose in NJ
  • Caller: Felipe in AZ asks what Patrick thinks Heaven will be like

*This encore originally aired on 10/3/19 during hour 3