The Patrick Madrid Show: November 29, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: Walt Heyer shares his regrets of changing genders
  • Caller: Joyce in WI discusses being assigned a gender at birth
  • Caller: Carlos in CA asks if someone is baptized, but they haven’t received Holy Communion or Confirmation, can they go to confession?
  • Mark in CA is not Catholic but listens to the show and feels compassion for many of the listeners who share their struggles
  • Caller: Liz in IL is dating a divorced man and she is going to meet his ex-wife soon. She asks for advice on how to handle it because she feels strong anger toward her
  • Caller: Margaret in IL is in a Bible Study at Church and the teacher says that Mary’s virginity isn’t true. Should she stop attending? Patrick does a Mexican hat dance.
  • Caller: Kimberly in NJ asks about the right way to pray. She petitions to God for help but feels like it is her fault she’s in the situation she’s in

*This encore originally aired on 10/17/19 during hour 1