The Patrick Madrid Show: November 29, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Rose in WI is a school teacher and is getting really tired of certain politically correct training. She asks Patrick’s advice on how much longer she should go along
  • Caller: Florence in CA asks if she should or should not attend a “dedication party” for her grandchild born out of wedlock. Her daughter won’t agree to have the baby baptized
  • Caller: Norm in MA points out that Scripture describes what we see happening today. He explains how he is not Catholic because Jesus cares about where one’s heart is
  • Caller: Luz in CA was invited to a friend’s “release of ashes” party. They are her sister’s ashes. Is this allowed?
  • Caller: Emmanuel in NJ has a protestant friend who claims Catholics changed the 2nd Commandment by taking out “thou shall not have graven images”
  • Caller: Diane in MN asks if she can have a closed casket because she wants to possibly donate her eyes for research as she has an eyesight problem.
  • Caller: Mark in CA asks why God would create Lucifer if he knew he would turn against him and it would affect the whole human race

*This encore originally aired on 10/17/19 during hour 2