Adam Baldwin Narrates IG Report, Carter Page, Supporting Missions, Box of Joy 12.20.19

Guest host, Ed Morrissey

  • Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer chat with Ed Morrissey about their podcast narration of the IG report starring Adam Baldwin. Not surprisingly, parts of the IG Report read like a spy novel. If you want to know where your tax dollars are going, listen to the podcast. 
  • FBI’s objections with the FISA law problematic; FISA court: presented report with unbelievable allegations, obtained with questionable tactics. Shocking how Carter Page was used.
  • Jim Cavnar of Cross Catholic Outreach: empowering the Catholic Church in the world; sharing our wealth of resources and helping people focus on the poor, “what would they need?” If you’re poor in the US, you can still find basic resources to meet your needs – not so in countries like Guatemala. Catholic missions successfully working to advance farming techniques and provide opportunities for education to eradicate poverty.
  • Send a Box of Joy yourself, or donate online, Sponsor-A-Box make sure to check out the tips for what to send.