Chaplet/Packers giving to Planned Parenthood

  •  Hour 2 of 12-17-19
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Sad news if you like the Green Bay Packers! Their charitable foundation indicates that they gave to Planned Parenthood of Milwaukee. How can they not see the truth of what Planned Parenthood truly is?! Heather Weininger of Wisconsin Right to Life explains that we need to educate the Packers and other business about the evil gravity of abortion, and that not a cent should go to them.
  • Drew plays audio of Tim Tebow’s parents as they share a miraculous story. Tim’s mom and dad were told that Tim would have serious health complications and that he should be aborted. They refused though and chose life instead. They now call him their miracle baby and live to share how God saved a life and gave them hope when life seemed bleak.