Christmas star

  • Hour 3 of 12-23-19
  • Drew shares the Drew Meaning of Christmas. This is his annual reflection on the true meaning of the season. It is so easy to get distracted by the commercial essence of this holiday, but let’s do what we can to look at this time as spiritual preparation. He shares a story of ‘Mary’s Dream.’ This is a letter written to Joseph about a dream Mary had in which she saw people celebrating Christmas, but not remembering their son Jesus. She sees people opening and giving gifts to each other, but not to Jesus. What a wake up call! Let’s make Jesus the reason for the season.
  • What do we know about Bethlehem at the time of Jesus? Steve Ray joins Drew to tell us about Jesus’ birthplace. Did you know that Bethlehem is actually usually not that cold? Steve also reflects on the historical significance of the Magi. He explains that they had to travel more than a thousand miles, most likely came from Persia, and arrived much later than usually thought. Steve also goes into the difference in Nativity stories as found in each Gospel. For instance, Matthew’s account in told through St. Joseph’s perspective, but in Luke, we see Jesus’ birth through Mary’s point of view. Also, find out why the shephards were the first to find out about Jesus’ birth. He wrote a great column about all of this which you can read here.
  • An amazing explanation of the Star of Bethlehem. Was this just a fictional myth? There are some points that can be made to prove that the Wise Men truly saw the star in its rising, and it prompted them to set out on a journey to see the birth of Christ. Drew examines the possibility of the star being a comet, but explains why he doesn’t think it was. What about a conjuction of planets? Was it divine? Fr. Chris Corbally is the man who knows more about this than most, and he presents his perspective. He sees the significance of Christ being the “light of the world.” The light of the star showed the radiance of the Messiah, and he adds scientific evidence to back this supernatural activity up.