Conservative vote wins UK election

  • Hour 1 of 12-13-19
  • Well this was not something you saw coming! Exit polls have indicated a surprising conservative upset for Brexit. The Conservatives won the UK election, and The Washington Examiner will explain here. They quote as saying this: “To put this in context, it would be like a Republican winning Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district.” Theodore Bromund joins Drew to discuss the implications.
  • An impeachment update from Dr. Paul Kengor. Are you tired of the news yet? Well Democrats are full steam ahead, and Speaker Pelosi is putting her feet to the gears. According to FOX’s Hannity, “McConnell says ‘zero chance’ Trump is removed, ‘one or two Democrats’ could vote to acquit.” What could this do to the country, though, and will some voters be deterred from voting for him again? Whatever the case, let’s pray for the president, the US, and all involved.
  • Unprecedented flooding is creating havoc in Venice, and many are concerned. As this NPR article points out, some are not sure what the future of Venice could look like. Aleteia reports on St. Marks in Venice being damaged. Rome correspondent Ashley Norohna reports.