Father Simon Says December 23rd – Being with Jesus on Christmas

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about how you can be truly present with Jesus this Christmas.


Caller Question- What should I buy a priest for Christmas?

Caller Question- Is Eros an inherently bad desire because we are told not to desire to possess anything?

Email Question- What is the best version of the Bible to buy for my mother this Christmas?

Email Question- How do you feel about G. K. Chesterton’s view of life?

Caller Comment- Jealousy and envy are not interchangeable, and people should not get confused when God says that He is a jealous God.

Caller Question- How can I be sure that a priest won’t break the Seal of Confession?

Word of the Day– Hark.

Caller Comment- I just want to wish Fr. Simon a Merry Christmas!

Caller Question- Can you re-sell blessed items for a charitable cause?