Go Ask Your Father December 19th – Helping Others

Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of a man in Florida who paid the bills of families whose heat was about to be shut off due to being behind on bill payments. In this season leading to Christmas, this is a good news story that will warm your heart.


Caller Question – Question about something Jesus said on his way to the cross.

Caller Question – Is it wrong to ask for large funds when fundraising?

Caller Question – Does God choose to be good or is he inherently good?

Caller Question – How can someone be kinder to themselves spiritually?

Catechetical Corner – Private Property

Caller Question – Should lay people be Eucharistic Ministers?

Caller Question – Can Msgr help her better understand the genealogy of Jesus?

Caller Question – Wants to know if his non Catholic friend can be saved?