Go Ask Your Father December 23rd – Christmas Miracle

The good news of the day is a story from California where a local church paid the medical debt of over 5,000 people. Msgr Swetland shares with you this good news story and the good that the Christmas brings out in people.


Caller Question – She was told she could not schedule a confession until she completed RCIA. Is this true?

Caller Question – Is it okay for a choir to chime in during the consecration ?

Caller Question – When we pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, are our sins forgiven?

Caller Question – Would the next time Jesus come to Earth be his 3rd coming not his 2nd?

Caller Question – Can She receive communion if she is late for Mass?

Caller Question – What kind of Christmas gift should we get priests?

Caller Question – How often should we go to confession for venial sins?

Catechetical Corner – The Birth of Jesus

Caller Question – How specific do you need to be in confession?

Caller Question – At the end of time, will everyone go to heaven?