Go Ask Your Father December 4th – Miracle Baby

Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of a star college football who was almost never born. His mother considered having an abortion but walked out, and now calls him her miracle baby.


Caller Question – What is meant by “Jesus descended into Hell” in the apostles creed?

Caller Question – What is Msgr Swetlands thoughts on the delay of Fulton Sheen beatification?

Caller Question – She has a work lunch meeting but is fasting during that time, what should she do?

Caller Question – If God is always with me, is my guardian angel always with me too?

Catechetical Corner – Proclaiming the Good News

Caller Question – He has been celibate for 22 years, should he consider the priesthood?

Caller Question – How do we balance what we can give to the poor?