Great Stories About Great Saints

  • Hour 1 of 12-26-19
  • Learn about a new book from Sr. Teresa Aleteia. She is a young nun who had a conversion from being an atheist to a Catholic! She explains why we need to focus on the last things, death, judgment, heaven, and hell. We will not be here on Earth forever, and we need to remember our mortality. For this reason she tells you why having a skull on your desk will change your perspective. What do you think? Too gruesome? Maybe there is something to it. The new journal is called Momentum Mori – “Remember Your Death.”
  • Have you done your Marian Consecration? This is an act of entrusting your whole life to Mary, including your successes and disapointments. Drew says that after he did this, he experienced a renewed sense of purpose and noticed that his show became even better. Fr. Mike Gaitley did an adaptation of the Marian Consecration, originally written by St. Louis de Montfort. Dr. Mark Miravalle tells you about St. Louis de Montfort and his Marian Consecration, and Fr. Kaz Chwalek M.I.C. joins Drew to tell you about St. Papczyinski, founder of the Marians. The message of St. Faustina was distributed to the Marians, and they remain the prominent voices of Jesus’ mercy.