Legalized weed

  • Hour 1 of 12-2-19
  • A look at the health and spiritual effects of pot. Could it be legalized soon on a national level? Sen. Cory Booker is advocating for it, as are most other Democratic candidates in the 2020 race. VP Joe Biden wants it decriminalized, but says we need to analyze the fact that it could be a gateway drug. He says more research needs to be done. What could be the ramifications if it is legalized? Deacon Ernie Martinez has seen the negative effects in Colorado, and he joins Drew to explain.
  • Pope Francis calls consumerism a virus. Black Friday just wrapped up, and about 7 billion dollars in revenue was gained, showing the mass effects of consumerism in America. Where do we draw the lines, and how do we make sure we are not attached to material things, especially this Advent season? Dr. Matthew Bunson remarks on this, as well as on a relic of the Manger which was returned to Jerusalem.