Make Advent Joyful, Peaceful & Hopeful 12.4.19

  • Fr. Robert Spitzer: ‘The Essence of Things’; 2 Objectives to Make Advent Joyful, Peaceful & Hopeful; time for reconciliation and deepening our prayer life; you’re busy? You don’t have time NOT to pray or to neglect a well formed prayer life; preparing because ‘we know not the day nor the hour’
  • Caller: Anna Maria, Salt Lake City: my 97 year old mom thinks she doesn’t need confession.  Caller: Lindsay, Maine: I have a non-Catholic friend, can they go to confession?
  • Caller: Liz, New Jersey: I go to confession to help me battle sin.
  • Our relationship with the Lord grows with regular confession. We are strengthened; the distance is erased.