Our culture’s look at values

  • Hour 1 of 12-27-19
  • Father Paul Sullins on how secular research shows that beliefs about uncommitted sex puts marriages at risk, also examining the dangers of contraception. It seems as if the culture might be slowly starting to realize how much sex before marriage only causes problems. Some doctoral candidates published a press release about this – read here. What is also very startling is this this statistic reported here. Time and time again natural law is proven to be within the deepest hearts of every person, not just with professed religious convictions.
  • Sister Marysia Weber, RSM on screen addiction. Studies report that teens get anxious and depressed after being on social media for 3 hours. Economist Roberto Mosquera of the Universidad de las Américas has done research and has found benefits with quitting Facebook altogether, citing less depression. Science shows that the brain begins to have the reward system triggered when we are online, and this can become as powerful as a drug. We become dependent on this dopamine rush, and it can easily begin to control our lives, unless we do something about it.