Pontifical Reform, Leadership to Serve, Too Christian for School, Viewpoint Discrimination 12.17.19

Ed Morrissey guest hosts:

  • Fr. Robert Gahl: Pope Francis removes the secrecy requirements for church documents on child sexual abuse. Pope Francis looking for more participation from the lay faithful i.e., now permissible they serve in legal defense.
  • Vatican is made up of baptized; leadership exists to serve; being able to gather information to protect those who may be at risk for harm.
  • Keisha Russell, First Liberty: high school blocks student from forming a club for being too Christian/not generic enough. Supreme Court: equal acts effect says you cannot ban religious clubs in your school, if you have other extracurricular clubs. Viewpoint discrimination in full force: 14 year old student told a christian club would not be allowed in a public school (even though school supported such groups as Gay-Straight Alliance).
  • School Board will vote to pass or decline the club January 13; First Liberty represents all religious groups equally. Caller, Jessica: I see the school’s side, maybe trying to prevent a Muslim club, etc