Prayer and politics

  • Hour 3 of 12-16-19
  • Do you believe the world is becoming a better place? What would you say if you were told that the environment is cleaner, the poverty rate is going down, and people are making a difference in their communities? The mainstream news may not cover this, but there is good news and beauty all around us. Drew discusses this article  and gives 500 dollars to a lucky winner of our Christmas Wish Contest, in partnership with Catholic Match. You can be given 500 dollars to bless someone else. Sign up here!
  • Drew talks to someone who has worked for the government in artificial intellegence, and this caller gives you the scoop on how to protect your security and identification. Drew adds that companies are mining for data, and you should do everything you can to preserve it, and be aware that Facebook, Google, and Amazon want it from you!
  • Do you feel as if politics is taking over your life and causing you stress? Kathryn Jean Lopez realized that she needed to unplug and take a month long sebattical, and it reminded her that her faith should come before politics. We need to pray for our political foes and remember that everyone is a child of God. Prayer can gives us the grace and strength we need to resist the anger the world is trying to consume us with. Lucas shares his experience of praying for politicians on Capitol Hill.