Tech Privacy, Data not Property, Decent Films, Skywalker 12.19.19

Guest host Ed Morrissey 

  • Ash Kazaryan, Director of Civil Liberties and Legal Research Fellow at TechFreedom: tech, antitrust and privacy. Government surveillance: do current laws protect privacy? It’s likely your smart phone is not actually listening to your conversations, it’s tracking you. When you’re getting services for free, you and your online behaviors are the product.
  • Data is not “property;” if we treat data as property, people who have less means to protect their data will be at risk for abuse. 2020 will be a battle year for privacy issues as recent California legislation forces privacy issues nationwide in June.
  • Deacon Steven Greydanus film critic, National Catholic Register and founder of Decent Films review: A Hidden Life: film portrays theology of the body in contrast to the anti-theology of the body of Hitler. Do we resist the injustices of today’s world.
  • The Rise of Skywalker: Lucas colonizes a place in our imaginations; this installation in the franchise comes from Disney drawing on Lucas’ inspiration.