The Inner Life December 4th – The Second Commandment

The Second Commandment. Taking the Lords name in vain, it seems fairly obvious that we should avoid doing so, but if it is so obvious, then why is it part of the ten commandments? Father Dennis Cooney discusses the second commandment.


Caller Question – Her husband uses the Lords name in vain, how can she help him overcome this?

Caller Story – She shares how she handles people using the Lords name in vain at her work place. Has seen fruit from it.

Caller Question – How can she better her attitude towards others who use the Lords name in vain?

Caller Story – Shares what she does when her grandchildren take the Lords name in vain.

Caller Question – Can Father clarify if it is okay to ever use the word God?

Caller Question – Can we use the words Jesus Christ as an exclamation?

Caller Question – Her son doesn’t believe using God is wrong because he claims its not his name. Can Father clarify for her about this?

Caller Question – Can you use the God in calling out for help?