The Patrick Madrid Show: December 10, 2019 – Hour 2

  • CEO pays for military members to fly home for Christmas
  • Study finds key brain region smaller in birth control pill users
  • Caller: Joshua in NM asks for help responding to a friend who says God commanded genocide in the Old Testament
  • Caller: David in TX asks if we will remember our failings after death, even if we’ve confessed them. Will he have that knowledge in Heaven?
  • Caller: Nancy in IL asks about Hell and if someone in Hell would ever get used to the pain endured there
  • Caller: Katina in ME asks the Church’s teaching on ghosts
  • Caller: Patricia in NV is concerned that her grandkids aren’t being taught about the Devil because they mentioned to her they played with the Ouija board
  • 64 million Americans have tried CBD and now the FDA says it could cause liver damage
  • Caller: Nathy in CA witnessed Aztec dances during the procession at Mass