The Patrick Madrid Show: December 10, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Edna in NJ gives her opinion on the Aztec dance discussed in the previous hour
  • Caller: Melissa in IL recently talked to her physician about CBD oil and how there are no regulations on it. Even though it may alleviate some pain, it is dangerous
  • Caller: Helen in CA asks if God knows who will be aborted
  • Caller: Greg in FL asks if we really have to be perfect in order to get into Heaven
  • Caller: Rich in NJ shares what he once told his grandson to help him out of suicidal thoughts
  • Caller: Bethany in AZ is in RCIA and asks about Mary’s perpetual virginity in reference to Matthew 1 where it says Joseph didn’t have relations with her “until” the birth of Jesus
  • Caller: Lynn in TX asks if baptism cleanses us of sin or covers up the sin
  • Caller: James in CO asks if animals go to Heaven