The Patrick Madrid Show: December 11, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Science professor calls for fewer humans to ‘strengthen human rights’
  • Caller: Jody in NV has an 8th grade daughter and asks about Patrick’s thoughts on social media. How can she talk to her about the negative effects?
  • Caller: Claire in NV thinks the laity should hold the Church authorities accountable and put pressure on the bishops to take action
  • Caller: Julie in RI shares her personal experience of going through a divorce with teenage daughters and gives advice to caller Jody
  • Caller: Elaine in IL is downsizing and asks where she can donate old prayer books and other religious articles
  • Caller: John in TX asks how to help his friends who are having marriage problems. Should he encourage them to stay together?
  • Caller: Linda in VA responds to Elaine’s call and suggests donating her religious articles to the prison ministry
  • Caller: Helen in AZ says Elaine could donate her religious articles to the Boston College library collection