The Patrick Madrid Show: December 18, 2019 – Hour 2

  • A new Pew Research study ranked Christian churches’ lengths of sermons
  • Caller: Jeff in AZ has a friend who says she’s had a vision from God to grow marijuana. How can we know if someone’s claim to have heard God is legit?
  • Caller: Michael in IL asks if the OT Israel prophecy has been fulfilled
  • Caller: Sarah in MN shares her experience of a drag queen story hour at her local library
  • Caller: Christine in UT asks if it is morally permissible to engage in the marital embrace when the wife is post menopausal
  • Caller: Greg in CA asks for clarification that Moses was a real person
  • Caller: Armando in CA asks about his parish’s altar with a Mexican blanket and tapestry on it. Is that allowed?