The Patrick Madrid Show: December 18, 2019 – Hour 3

  • The Supreme Court refused to hear a case on homelessness, letting stand a ruling that protects homeless people’s right to sleep on the sidewalk or in public parks if no other shelter is available
  • Caller: Jane in OH asks Patrick’s opinion on tattoos. How can she encourage young people to take care of their bodies
  • Caller: Manny in CA asks if there is an order of hierarchy in Heaven
  • Caller: Patricia in PA adds on to Patrick’s previous comments on marital intimacy that it is not only permissible, but extremely necessary
  • Caller: Elias in CA asks about infiltration of the Church
  • Caller: Maggie in CA needs help explaining to her son why taking the Lord’s name in vain is a serious sin
  • Caller: Tess in CA asks what the different beliefs are between Methodists and Catholics. She’ll be spending Christmas with a Methodist
  • Caller: Dennis in AZ is concerned for his sister’s soul. He asks for advice on how to help her
  • Caller: Jim in IN asks why God didn’t wait to ask Mary to be the mother of Jesus until she was married to Joseph