The Patrick Madrid Show: December 19, 2019 – Hour 2

  • 12th-graders ‘hooked’ on vaping more than doubled in the last year
  • Caller: Francisco in CA asks for help with his friend who is a baptized Catholic but is getting married in a Jewish temple. Should he attend?
  • American Airlines mechanic pleads guilty to sabotaging plane at Miami International
  • Caller asks for book recommendations for her husband and brothers-in-law for Christmas
  • Caller: Donna in PA asks for help understanding Matthew 1:1-27
  • Caller: Chuck in PA asks if Mary was ever tempted
  • Caller: Shawn in PA isn’t Catholic but is dating a Catholic. He asks what Advent is. He also asks if the Blessed Mother was a perpetual virgin
  • Soundbite: Charlie Brown asks what the real meaning of Christmas is
  • Caller: Greg in CA asks about the Blessed Mother being tempted