The Patrick Madrid Show: December 2, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Patrick, Cyrus, and Kaylyn discuss Black Friday
  • Caller: Dora is Catholic but was civilly married and got divorced. She asks if the teaching on porneia in the Gospel of Matthew applies to her
  • Soundbite: Florida business man, Eric Holm, donates Thanksgiving meals to 15K people at Salvation Army
  • Soundbite: Salvation Army to debut cashless ‘Kettle Pay’ donation option after “flat” few years
  • Caller: Mike in CA has been reading Blessed Catherine Emmerich’s writings on her revelations from Jesus and he asks for further insight
  • Caller: Mike in MN asks if clapping at Mass for the music is appropriate
  • Patrick reflects on the sudden death of Bishop Sirba of Duluth and what we can learn from this
  • Caller: Matt in MN recently broke up with his fiancée over their disagreement with birth control/natural family planning