The Patrick Madrid Show: December 20, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Jonathan is a youth minister and one of the young people that attended has left and now attends a protestant church. She invited him to go, what should he do?
  • Caller: JoAnne in CA wants to get her marriage blessed by the church and they are charging her $400. Why does the church ask for money all the time?
  • Caller: Jay in CA doesn’t have the means to get to Mass, is it okay to watch it on TV and read the Bible instead?
  • Caller: Eric in TX asks how to lovingly talk to his sister about her interest in becoming a Jehovah’s Witness
  • Caller: Lauren in IN asks how to make sense of some people who have memories of past lives if we don’t believe in reincarnation
  • Caller: Ali in IL was refused Holy Communion by her priest because she knelt down to receive
  • Caller: Ron in CA asks about the Blessed Virgin Mary’s death or assumption into Heaven

*This encore originally aired on 9/24/19 during hour 3