The Patrick Madrid Show: December 3, 2019 – Hour 2

  • A couple surprised their Denny’s waitress who walked hours to work with a new car
  • It’s about to be a primary offense to use a cell phone while driving in Lakewood
  • Caller: Matthew in PA wants to convert to Catholicism but his wife does not. Will this be a problem if he has to go to a different church every Sunday?
  • Caller: Jude in AZ discusses giving money to questionable organizations, such as the Girl Scouts
  • Caller: Julie in MI is a recent convert to the Catholic Church and asks for the correct explanation of Matthew 24, because some people see it as the pretribulation rapture
  • Twitter listener asks if it is blasphemy to say the saints were sinners
  • Caller: Barbara in WI shares that she visited a replica of Noah’s ark on a rainy day and she felt it was a truly spiritual experience