The Patrick Madrid Show: December 5, 2019 – Hour 2

  • A Pew Research study shows that more people find cohabitation acceptable than before, but that science shows cohabiting couples are more likely to get divorced later on
  • Caller: Ann in FL asks what miracles are attributed to Fulton Sheen
  • Caller: Rosalinda in FL asks who wrote the Bible. Someone at Thanksgiving told her it was Roman men.
  • Caller: Roxanne in AZ has protestant friends that use dialect such as “praying over someone” or “pouring into them.” What is that all about?
  • Caller asks why we say in the Creed that “God descended into Hell”
  • Listener email: Kelly in AZ thanks Patrick for being so kind to her son Charlie when he calls in to the show. It’s good for him to have an outlet where he’s encouraged in the Faith
  • Caller: Saul in IL asks when do we receive the Holy Spirit, and do we lose Him when we sin?
  • Soundbite: “Shoot Christians Say” from Tripp and Tyler
  • Caller: Anne in TX asks about end of life ethics and because the hospital is suggesting to remove her mother’s feeding tube