The Virgin Birth

  • Hour 1 of 12-20-19
  • It’s a common debate – did the Virgin Mary experience the pain of child birth when Jesus was born into this world? Or was she spared? Some say that it was as if light passed through a sheet of glass, and our Blessed Mother was able to give birth to Christ will still remaining a virgin. As Catholics we uphold the teaching that Jesus did not have brothers and sisters, and that she remained a perpetual virgin the rest of her life. But some raise some arguments otherwise. Fr. Carter Griffin is here to give his insight and scriptural evidence on this topic.
  • St. Joseph was called to be the earthly father of Jesus. Do you contemplate what that decision must have entailed? Can you imagine the courage it took to accept this vocation from God? What role did St. Joseph play in the coming of Christ, and what can we learn from him in our own lives? Dr. Mark Miravalle is the author of Meet Your Spiritual Father. He joins Drew to discuss the wonderful example that St. Joseph has left us.