2nd Amendment March in Virginia

  • Hour 3 of 1-21-20
  • Yesterday there was a march in Virginia, in which people came to rally in support of the 2nd Amendment. Gov. Ralph Northam has declared that he wants firearms banned because of the recent plague of gun violence. Most who attended were peaceful and caused no trouble, but the media coverage on networks like CNN tried to paint a difference picture. Andrew Malcolm joins Ed to discuss this as well as impeachment and foreign affairs.
  • Have you heard of NY’s Boss Laws? These seek to strip pro-lifers in the state from having a voice, specifically dealing with discrimination in the workplace and decisions made by women. A measure to keep abortion as a beloved sacrament in New York, it is seen by the pro-life movement as an obstacle. Remember when Gov. Cuomo said pro-lifers are not welcome in the state? This seems to be a reflection of that statement. Timothy Belz joins to discuss.