Church News of 2019

  • Hour 1 of 1-2-20
  • You might have missed this news because of the Christmas season, but tensions have escalated between the US and Iran. There was an attack on the Iraq embassy, and the president blamed it on Iran, and he has doubled down on his efforts to control the situation. Some fear that war might be imminent, but Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Sec of State Mike Pompeo, and others are assuring Americans that the president has moved swiftly and will handle the crisis diplomatically. We will keep you updated on the latest, and Jim Phillips provides you with a quick update on the news right now.
  • Dr. Matthew Bunson reflects on the Church news of 2019, including the abuse crisis, Pope Francis, and something that has not been covered much anywhere else, which is persecution of Christians throughout the world. Also, did you hear about the situation between the Holy Father and a woman who grabbed him? She clearly was excited and wanted to speak to him. He was in pain due to his old age and Sciatica, so he slapped her hand to get away. Pope Francis apologized for this the day after. It is a reminder for us to not be so quick to judge and post our opinion on social media before knowing all the details. We pray for peace and clarity within the Church in this coming year.
  • We know our Lady has called us to pray and sacrifice. But did you know that a specific call to prayer was made in 1979? It is not well known, but Mary Our Mother appeared to Sr. Lucia in that year, and called for prayer and sacrifice, especially for priests. Let’s heed our Mother’s request, as now more than ever it seems like evil is rampant in our world and Church. Let’s pray for our spiritual leaders who face continual temptation; pray that they may be strengthened in their vocation. David Carolla from the Blue Army joins Drew to discuss. You can read about it here.
  • Kaylyn Green from The Patrick Madrid Show provides a live update from SLS20 in Phoenix. This is presented by FOCUS, and is a meeting of close to 5000 or so college students who want to be better missionary disciples on their campus. This is also for anyone else in their parish or apostalate who desire to grow in their faith and evangelization. Speakers include Fr. Mike Gaitley and Fr. Mike Schmitz. You can learn more at!