Activism to Change, Protect the Constitution; Advocacy for High Quality Education 1.9.20

  • Ed Whelan: Why do supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment keep claiming it’s ‘ripe for ratification’ when it’s expired and their claims invalid?; Dept. of Justice tried to put an end to this ratification charade
  • Kristan Hawkins: Even Justice Ginsburg declares the ERA dead and unable to be revived, proponents would have to start over; why would they? What does it have to do with Roe?; March for Life weekend’s Pro-Life Summit in DC.
  • Maria Martinez-Mont: San Francisco Archdiocese promoting social action on SB 673 for age appropriate sexual health education curriculum and parental oversight over materials and teaching; engage lawmakers starting with Senate Education Committee on merits of proposed legislation.
  • Raymond Burnell: California Catholic Conference working (as other state Catholic Conferences are) to lobby lawmakers on just, moral law for the good of children, parents, families, communities; advocating for high quality education for all schools statewide. More info. contact: California Senate Education Committee