Anti-obscenity laws/Football wager

  • Hour 3 of 1-17-20
  • We can all agree on the fact that porn is seriously wrong. It affects marriages, women, hurts families, and leads to spiritual depravity. Should it be banned then? Professor Robert George is fighting for this. He argues that porn and other obscene content does not fit within free-speech freedoms. Rather, it is a virus that needs to be eradicated completely. One caller disagrees, and has a lively debate with Prof. George. This caller claims that he finds the Church judgmental. Listen to what the response is.
  • The Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday! Both bishops join Drew for a friendly wager on the game. Bishop David Ricken and Archbishop Joseph Cordileone decide what they will wager on, and talk about their local teams’ connections to Catholicism. Who do you think will win this weekend?