Beginning and Growth of Your Christian Life; Sacraments, Saints & Prayer 1.10.20

  • Fr. Edward Looney: The baptism of the Lord and knowing the facts of our own baptism (date, location, who baptized us); benefits of visiting a monastery; Litany to Mary (her many titles tell us her influence and intercessory care); the importance of holy water.
  • Holy Water can ward off the power of evil; the St. Michael prayer is a help in casting out evil; as we bless the room, we are asking God to bless all those who also enter the room.
  • Peggy Weber: ‘Enough as You Are: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Appreciating the Gift of You’; comparing yourself to others or perceived expectations isn’t healthy; tune out voices of insecurity & judgment, tune into the truth that we are all created and loved by God; that is enough.
  • Tune out voices of insecurity, tune in the voice of truth. One of the keys of self knowledge: you know who you are and you’re ok with it. Caller, Jill: I used to worry about others opinions. I have found a new perspective.