Black Genocide

  • Hour 1 of 1-23-20
  • The impeachment trial continues to unfold, and we continue to witness the fight between House Democrats and Senate Republicans. Dr. Michael Coulter joins Drew to share his update. He brings up the fact that many of us are tied to our own political party and find loyalty in that no matter what. However, we ought to reflect on how we can put our country first and not always fall into the unraveling chaos of identity politics.
  • Rev. Clenard Childress is a fierce and passionate advocate for life. As an African American Baptist pastor, he realizes how abortion has targeted his own ethnicity, and is speaking out against it. Labeling abortion as black genocide, he believes the culture of life will be victorious, and we’ll see the end of abortion soon. He also added that we can’t get down on ourselves if a pro-choice person attacks us for our views. You’ll be encouraged to keep speaking the truth in love.