Can tattoos be a sacramental?

  • Hour 3 of 1-16-20
  • Do you think tattoos are OK to get as a Catholic? If you get a cross, Divine Mercy image, or other spiritual description could it be thought of as a sacramental? Some say that the body is a temple of God and it should never be harmed, but others make the case that if discerned properly, some can point you to God. Father Luis Granados and Father Ambrose Dobrozsi present their differing views.
  • Did you hear about the baseball cheating scandal? It involves many MLB baseball players and managers, some of whom have now lost their jobs. Through technology communication and noise alerts, players are transmitting information about pitches ahead of time, which is going beyond the lines of what is ethical or permissible in the game of baseball. Dr. William Thierfelder expresses his outrage and disappointment, and calls the league to embrace a higher standard of honesty.