Cell phone ban/Coronavirus

  • Hour 3 of 1-27-20
  • Sen. John Rodgers of Vermont, a Democrat, has proposed a cell phone ban for those under 21. Now, this is not meant to be a bill with an intention to be passed. Even Sen. Rodgers admits that he wouldn’t vote for it. But he is crafting it to get others thinking about the freedoms and liberties we have, and to help people realize the grave impact that phones can have, through texting and driving, cyber bullying, and other tech and societal ills. He shares his thoughts and what we can take from this idea.
  • Drew takes calls from people who share their experiences of Confession. The state of Utah has a bill which would violate the seal of Confession and force priests to disclose sins of child abuse. Priests can never do this, and we as lay faithful need to uphold the sanctity and dignity of the sacrament. One caller shares how Confession brought him healing after helping procure an abortion, and a woman who was raped found hope as well.
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi gives a report on the Coronavirus which has come from China. He doesn’t downplay the gravity, and admits that he is suspicious about its origins, and he also says that some people have been immediately cremated and not reported in the official death toll. What could this mean for the US and safety for your family? Get connected to a look you won’t get anywhere else.