Chaplet/FOX blocks a pro-life ad

  • Hour 2 of 1-29-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • FOX Sports has been giving a pro-life organization the run-around as they have been petitioned to run an ad on the Superbowl Sunday event. FOX has agreed to run a drag race ad, but they have not stated whether or not it will accept this video.  The organization called Faces of Choice wants to present a unique pro-life argument. The founder, Lyric Gillett, says that choice belongs to the baby in the womb, and they deserve to live. They have the right to be looked at as a truly human person; sadly the pro-abortion movement tries to silence us from speaking out and saying this. Melissa Ohden is featured in the video and she survived an abortion; her mom tried to abort her but lives to tell the story. She is a face of choice. Tell FOX Sports that you want this ad to run! You can make your petition known here.