Chaplet/Little Sisters back in court

  • Hour 2 of 1-21-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Live Chaplet returns next Monday)
  • A discussion of Sunday’s Gospel with Ed, Lucas, and Jake. They talk about when John the Baptist was asked by Jesus to baptize him. It is seen as a revelation made by God that salvation was meant to come to everyone, not just the Israelites. Jesus in a sense adds a plot twist to the narrative, reminding us that we as Gentiles are able to receive eternal life if we accept this gift being offered. Salvation has been given- what will we do in response?
  • The Little Sisters are back in court again, and it will go up to the Supreme Court. This is the third time, and as ridiculous as it sounds, they are being forced to pay for contraceptives. They exist to serve the poor, and sadly they are being distracted from this mission. Pray that they will be protected! Diana Verm reports.
  • Dr. Robert Tiballi joins Ed to tell you about a new Chinese virus. It started in Wuhan, and the Wall Street Journal reports it has been found in the US. CBS says that 6 have died. Learn what you can do to keep you and your family safe.