Chaplet/New Clarence Thomas film

  • Hour 2 of 1-23-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • A conversation between Ed Morrissey, and producers Nick and Jake. They talk about the pro-life movement, the Walk for Life, March for Life, and how we are both pro-baby and pro-woman. Women deserve better than abortion, and we stand for their dignity. We encourage you to #FastForLife if you can’t make it to a march this year! You can learn more here.
  • Do you know much about Clarence Thomas? You probably think of him as a conservative Supreme Court justice who is Catholic. Michael Pack has made a documentary film about him and it’s coming out soon. It reveals the struggles that Thomas went through in seminary and how he was able to find the grace to come back to the Catholic faith after leaving for years. It’s important to support this film called Created Equal! You can learn more here.