Chaplet/Will the next SCOTUS case reverse Roe?

  • Hour 2 of 1-7-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Roe needs to go! Clarke Forsythe adds that it would be nice if it went down tomorrow! But realistically, it could very well be repealed sooner than later. There’s a new case that the Supreme Court has agreed to take which could do the trick! Then it would go to the states, and Clarke explains that red states will probably continue to pass great pro life laws as they did in Alabama. Keep praying for life, and remember that the tide is turning!
  • Claire Culwell is an abortion survivor, and she lives to tell her story. As a powerful pro-life voice in the culture, she explains on her website that “she met her birth mother in 2009 and found out that she survived the abortion that took the life of her twin brother. She shares her story in honor of him…” She will be at the Chicago March for Life this Saturday giving a talk; you can learn more about the march here.