Church Rediscovery, Reform, Effort to Convert the World, Pray for vindication of Cardinal Pell 1.3.20

  • George Weigel: How the Church rediscovered itself and challenged the modern world to reform; the Church not only didn’t retreat from engagement with modern culture, politics, global affairs, it has led the effort to reform and convert the modern world.
  • The living parts of our Church are the parts trying to make evangelization work; the dying parts are the parts trying to make “Catholic lite” work. Be confident in the work of the Holy Spirit that has brought us to this point.
  • Incumbent upon all of us to be on the alert for people who are “searchers” and take the opportunity to tell them what it’s like to have a friend: Jesus Christ. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing another person to Christ or deepening their faith.
  • Young Catholics are hungry for substance. Resolve to intensify your prayer for the vindication of Cardinal George Pell.