Coffee with Quitters

  • Hour 1 of 1-22-20
  • Annette Lancaster and Lori Kelly tell you about Coffee with Quitters. This will be a meetup of people who left the abortion industry, happening before the March for Life. They both share their witness of what propelled them to leave the clinics. They mention the guilt abortion workers would feel, especially when news started coming out about the sale of aborted babies. Wanting to believe that they were doing good for women, they came to the realization that abortion is not in any way good for women, and that there are other options.
  • Dr. Geoffrey Shaw discusses the reports on war in Afghanistan which have been totally ignored by the media. As this article from The National Interest writes, “arguably the most shocking takeaway from the Afghanistan Papers, which were recently published by The Washington Post, cannot be found in the volumes written in 2014—because it concerns events that occurred after the papers were written. Namely, that despite the very strong, well-documented, detailed account—by the military—that the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan was failing, no basic change in strategy followed.”