Crisis with Iran

  • Hour 1 of 1-3-20
  • Benham ben Taleblu gives you an update on the rising tension we have seen with Iran. Now that the US ordered an attack against one of the prominent leaders of Iran, does this mean there might be more danger? Are Americans at risk? Soleimani was killed within the last 24 hours, and people who have been impacted by the violence he brought upon them are celebrating in their country. But what does this mean for you and the rest of the US? Get answers to this and more.
  • Joy Dupall and Sylvia Callan share a miracle story, related to a child who has been born with special needs. Joy gave birth to a young baby whose skull was being born outside the head. She was told to have an abortion, but refused. Now she lives to tell the rest of the story and how God has provided. No matter what you are facing, believe that God is there and can work a miracle in your life!
  • Michael O’Neill on the top miracle stories of 2019!