Death of Kobe Bryant, Gaudieum et Spes, Rosaries of Bread, Youthful Kingship 1.27.20

  • Examining the impact of the recent tragic death of Kobe Bryant. We see his accomplishments and brokenness, but realize they are not the sum of who he was. Let’s treasure the people in our lives; embrace forgiveness; work with tenacity!
  • Marriage: and intimate union of persons, a theological reflection of God. Not uncommon for Priests to meet with engaged couples who seem prepared for everything; daily commitment of growing together. Grace makes the sacrament of marriage possible; sacraments allow it to blossom.
  • Somber anniversary: Liberation of concentration camps at Auschwitz. Study documented the lives of imprisoned Christians, some who created rosaries of dried bread.
  • Father remembers entering seminary at age 24: how things look so easy when we are young and full of confidence. Today’s gospel reminds us of David, a young king who reigned for 40 years. Lean on the Lord and begin to heal.