Democrats for Life

  • Hour 3 of 1-29-20
  • Why are so many college professors liberal? A study found that college professors who give to politicians favor Democrats to Republicans by 95:1. What impact does this have on students who attend their classes? Are they easily swayed? Do they still have an open mind? How much are they following the impeachment trial? Eduardo Neret gives his takes.
  • An update on the Democratic campaign. Hilary Clinton has said she still feels the urge to jump into the Democratic race. She has also said that she does not like Sen. Bernie Sanders nor does anyone else. As Dr. Paul Kengor explains though, there are many supporters who do like Sen. Bernie Sanders. He is doing well in Iowa, and could win the nomination! Many are tired of Joe Biden and want to mix it up. However, what is scary is that members of Sen. Sanders’ campaign have threatened violence which was captured in an undercover video from Project Veritas. We need to pray!
  • Kristen Day had an interesting encounter with Pete Buttigieg; she pressed him on the party’s abortion stance. She asked if he would be willing to abide by a big tent and accept Democrats for Life. He basically said (in a subtle way) that there is no room in the party for pro-life views, and left it at that. She joins Drew to talk about why she believes in remaining a Democrat for life, and encourages you to support those other Democrats who stand for life as well.